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stepping stonesStudent & Post-doc Programs
The core LIFT™ curriculum consists of six workshops. Additional workshops (such as "Beyond the Podium") are available and offered based on the goals and needs of your participants and your institution.
Leadership Development Sessions address individual issues and real situations in a small group format through discussion, questions, and personal coaching.

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Loving Leadership
Practical concepts for leadership with insight, awareness, and vision.


Skills for listening and understanding in engineering, science, and beyond.

Communication Skills
The essential tools for success in engineering and science which your professors never taught you.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
Learn how your personal preferences affect your research and personal relationships.

How to be Influential
Bridge the communication gaps in research teams, and with colleagues and advisors.

Personal Leadership: Moving from Time to Life Management
Framework for prioritization to maximize fulfillment and accomplishment, and to minimize stress.

Beyond the Podium
Create compelling talks that connect to your audience.

Leadership Development Sessions
Small group coaching sessions for individual issues and needs.

Loving Leadership: Innovative Tools for Success
Unique in leadership development, this signature LIFT™ workshop is transformational for many participants. Loving Leadership helps graduate students and postdocs take charge of their careers and learn how to lead with insight, awareness and vision. By directly addressing the deeper and human issues that affect quality leadership, this workshop encourages graduate students to be more creative, confident, self-motivating, productive, and courageous in navigating their professional and personal lives. (top)
WORLDS: The Importance of Understanding in Research, Collaboration, and Leadership
Understanding is a critical component in outstanding leadership. This program helps participants understand how our perceptions and prejudices affect our interpersonal relationships. The workshop examines the damaging effects of dualistic, black and white thinking, and offers a road map for compassionate living and leadership in a complex world. A prerequisite for diversity training, the WORLDS workshop provides a foundational component that is often missing in traditional diversity education. Diversity conversations do not work when people are closed-minded. WORLDS challenges our world views and encourages each of us to become more open-minded in our appreciation and understanding of other people and ourselves. (top)
Communication Skills: Essential Tools for Success in Your Professional and Personal Life
No matter how fast or how far our technology advances, human beings will always need to communicate effectively with one another. Good communication skills can make the difference between success and failure in all areas of our lives. While communicating well may seem simple, being effective at connecting with those around us is a skill that often needs improvement. This workshop goes beyond traditional communication training by providing concepts and skills normally offered in graduate programs in the psychological professions. The benefits of workshop participation are immediate following this program, as graduate students and postdocs apply these communication skills and concepts in all areas of their lives. (top)
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI): A Foundation for Enhancing Professional and Personal Relationships
The most widely used personality assessment tool of its kind in the world, the MBTI enables individuals to understand leadership and interpersonal patterns in themselves and others. These patterns can either hinder or enhance professional and personal relationships. By taking the MBTI, workshop participants will be able to identify their personality strengths and areas of growth. Such awareness is invaluable in helping graduate students and postdocs improve their relationships with advisors, peers, technicians, and undergraduates. (top)
How to Be Influential in Graduate School and Beyond
In order to improve research environments, we must understand the culture of our organization, its "language," and its norms. This workshop builds upon the concepts and skills learned in the previous LIFT™ workshops: Loving Leadership, WORLDS, Communication Skills, and the MBTI. By synthesizing the LIFT™ concepts and building upon this powerful interpersonal skill set, graduate students and postdocs learn methods and strategies to more effectively collaborate in specific situations with their advisor, research team and future colleagues in the academy and industry. (top)
Personal Leadership: Moving From Time Management to Life Management
This workshop explores the common myths of time management and moves toward a more comprehensive approach to navigating life. This program also explores the many roles graduate students and postdocs assume while trying to complete personal and professional goals. Learn how to identify what is most important to you in living a life well, and investigate how to implement meaningful change to achieve balance in your life. (top)
Beyond the Podium
In addition to the typical professional presentation tips, this program guides students to a deeper understanding of what is occurring in a talk. Students discover how to create a compelling connection with their material and their audience. This program is a bonus to the core curriculum and involves video-taped peer reviews. (top)
Leadership Development Sessions
Practicing newly acquired skills is more fun in small groups where we struggle and succeed together! Individuals bring issues to the discussion in an "office hours" type gathering. The goal is for the group to gain an in-depth understanding by suspending personal agendas and for the individual to gain insight through reflection and coaching by LIFT™ facilitator, Chris Loving. (top)