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Chris LovingA Note from Our Founder
While walking back to my office from the cafeteria, a student said: "Chris you need to leave." Had the conversation ended there, all sorts of feelings could have welled up. The student continued: "There are not enough of us here and what you do is so important that more people need to hear it, so I think you should go…. we'll be sad to see you leave but I think it's the right thing to do." over the next couple of years, students independently of one another kept repeating the message of this post lunch conversation.

After several years of part-time consulting while still at the University, I finally took the advice of those students and Loving Leadership is now entering its ninth year with my full-time attention. Over that time, I've logged thousands of miles, doing what those students advised me to do…sharing a unique and needed approach to leadership and human development with educational institutions, corporations and associations.

When I set out on the road in September of 1994, I didn't know that I would be traveling half of the year. I thought there might be too much cynicism and not enough hope in our faculty and students to see a future in which we can make a difference.

Though these journeys and through, literally, thousands of conversations, I have come to know that there is great hope "out there", and pockets of excellence exists wherein people understand the kind of courage and hard work that is needed to take the mantel of leadership on the cusp of a new millennium. My concern now: is the convergence of thought and action happening quickly enough? The challenge facing our national and world communities are significant and we can no longer linger at the doorway of solutions.

Thus, Loving Leadership launched LIFT™- Leadership Institute for Tomorrow. For several years, colleagues around the country have been encouraging us to provide our curriculum as an institute that could be outsourced to educational institutions. This is the description of a new chapter in our growth and in our efforts to share the intellectual, compassionate and interpersonal skills that leaders will need to solve the pressing issues of our day. As we listened to students so now we hear you.

Twenty-nine years ago, while interviewing for my first position in higher education, I was asked: "What is the purpose of a university?" What I said then is even more important today: "We can no longer afford to graduate only bright, talented and competent, talented and compassionate lawyers, architects, psychologists and marketing majors." Today, the world needs leaders who not only have great minds, but great hearts as well. Our world requires whole people leading us into the next century. Through our speaking and consulting partnerships and now through LIFT™, we at Loving Leadership are trying to do what we can to help make this world a better place than we found it.

I am excited about LIFT™ and believe that it adds a new and necessary chapter in our efforts to fulfill our purpose at Loving Leadership.

I sincerely appreciate your taking the time to review this website. We believe we can make a difference on your campus, not only in the lives of your students but in you lives as well. We look forward to building the kind of partnership that will address what is truly important in life and in the lives of those whom you serve.

I also want you to know that I appreciate all those who have and continue to contribute to our work, especially those individuals volunteering their time. They truly are making a difference.

Chris Loving