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Loving Leadership's core curriculum has been made available as an audio book and its operations have been covered in the press. We invite you to explore the book and the articles.


Loving Leadership Book Cover

Loving Leadership: Rekindling the Human Spirit in Business, Relationships and Life

In his own approachable style, Chris Loving shares with us a unique and thought-provoking perspective on leadership in business, relationships and life. From this original audio program we gain insight through the ten essential components of Loving Leadership.

  • What is important
  • "Both/And" Thinking
  • The Whole Person
  • Interpersonal Literacy
  • Multi-lingual Concerns
  • Leaders as Linguists
  • Leaders as Cartographers
  • Worlds
  • Champions and Change - Generous Spirit
  • Coming Home to Ourselves

Loving Leadership Institute for Tomorrow (LIFT) is committed to forming partnerships with people and organizations to make fundamental changes that will create effective corporate, community and global solutions.

Sample of Audio book

This book can be purchased from Amazon.com, Audible.com, iTunes and Listen & Live Audio.


  • Publisher: Listen & Live Audio (January 1997)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1885408145
  • ISBN-13: 978-1885408143

"Author Loving's simple, yet profound counsel for interpersonal dealings benefits from his delivery." - Booklist

"Loving Leadership gives perspective on relationships and life. Offers a variety of approaches to understanding the complexities of everyday life and describing techniques for making effective behavior changes." - AV Guide

"Loving Leadership is a thought-provoking book about courageous leadership and the need to remain closely connected to people, always remembering what is most important in our lives." -Command College Book Review

In The News

"What is a Leader in 2008?" - Mona Miller Show on CRN1 (June 2008)
Be it Business, Government, Religious, Parent, or Judicial; This is a time when we are questioning, what is a Leader? Do we really want a leader? What traits do we want as a leader? Can any one be a leader? How does one change a culture? These questions and more are addressed in this radio show. Details of the content can be found on Mona Miller's Forum.


"Faculty Communication 101" - Inside Higher Ed (July 2007)
In an interview to Inside Higher Ed based on his workshop  at the first national conference of "Leadership Excellence for Academic Diversity (LEAD)" held at University of Washington, Chris Loving answers questions on leadership in academia, interpersonal issues, importance of communication, and other issues. The full text of the interview can be found here.